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Autodesk and FMI 2020 Industry Report

Trust is central to the construction industry, but historically, it has been difficult to quantify. To understand how trust is created and the outcomes it can produce, Autodesk partnered with FMI Corporation on an industry study, “Trust Matters: The High Cost of Low Trust.” The research explored the costs and benefits of different levels of trust within construction organizations and across construction project teams.

Download this report to learn how companies with very high trust: 

  • Generate more repeat business
  • Retain more employees 
  • Drive a higher level of operational success

It’s all about the project closeout process. The way you approach the very end of a project can have long-lasting implications for your business; a poor closeout can even derail a project that has otherwise been running smoothly.  Since you’re at the end of the project, you may not even have the resources on hand to easily correct errors if you discover them after your workers have been released. The right construction closeout plan, starting well before actual closeout, is essential to a seamless client handover.

Download our Ultimate Closeout Checklist and plan for a seamless project handover today.

The Ultimate Closeout Checklist